As a Corporate, Adult and Children's Entertainer Michael's skills are as varied and diverse as his audiences. 

Professional Comedian, Experienced keynote speaker, and Inspirational Entertainer Michael Bennett understands it is not about what he says on stage but how his messages land and make your audience feel. It's about sharing stories of overcoming life's challenges in a unique, engaging and fun way to help people develop the skills they will need to build resilience and overcome any adversity they may be faced with while improving their mental health and well-being. With his comedy, unique skills and public speaking, Michael inspires people of every walk of life to unlock their full potential and pursue a life of happiness. Happiness is the gateway to fulfillment. 

Michael creates an instant and exciting connection with a very personalized touch by incorporating his perfect comedy talent and timing with Amazing Balloon Artistry, Unique Magic and Powerful Life Messages absolutely guaranteeing a Fun time while instantly improving the health and well being of your guests. 

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