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 Here are the answers to your questions you emailed me.


Yes I am a professional Comedian, what determines that is that I am unable to enter any competition as I make over $5,000 a year performing comedy. Also, I Headline and can make a living from performing stand-up around the country.

I have been a stand-up comedian since my first gig in 1998,

I consider myself to have been a professional Comic since 2001 when I became a headline act and was performing over a 100 paid shows a year.

I was part of the Police Academy Stunt team since Nov 93, for 16 years as a comic stunt performer, and as MAD MIKE

the comic warm-up for the show. Before that I was just a smart alick telling jokes, without getting paid. I like getting paid for it now.

Yes I derive my prime income from 3 to 7 stand-up shows a week around the country. My life is comedy, if I am not performing it I am writing it or watching it. It is my drug of choice.

Yes I was a good looking baby. Thats me on the right and my Bro Tony on the left. I also have a sister, Jacqui

I am a 5’7 White male, Born in New Zealand

I was born in 1962, which would make me? Um, math not a strong subject, you work it out.

Educational level is non existent; I left school at 15 to start a career selling shoes, school wasn’t my strongpoint  and they hadn’t worked out what A.D.D was back then so I just got smacked and caned a lot. I’m ok now!

I am a qualified pastry chef; I did a 6 year apprenticeship and stayed Baking, for 4 years. Odd jobs and travel followed.

I have received no formal training as a comedian, I have read a lot of books on the subject and have been helped and kicked along the way by comedians who have gone before me that have all the answers.

It’s hard to say how many hours I spend on material related to comedy, every time I see something or hear something, I am thinking about comedy. Either what is funny about a situation or topic or how it can be, 24/7. I can’t stop, I love it, laughter is my drug and I am the dealer, want some?. Staying alert must be done to grow and make it in this cut-throat industry. Many hours a week!

To be a Stand-up I started by entering a red faces audition. I won and went to Melbourne to perform on Hey Hey it’s Saturday and lost to an 80 year old couple singing with their budgie, you can't beat that. I loved the sound of so many people laughing at me at once I got the bug and the rest is history.


Hope this answers your questions

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Where in New Zealand are you from

I was born in Palmerston North when my dad was in the army. We moved to Christchurch when I was 8 then Wellington were I did most of my schooling at Taita Intermediate and college. I also did my apprenticeship while living in wellington as a cake and pastry chef at Cameo Bakeries in waterloo. I wound up in Auckland were my family had moved to working as a truck driver for Peter Baker Transport before heading to Australia in 1989.  

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