DAY 4: BLACKHAWK & Bar-b-q

Waking to another fine and hot day yesterday we headed over to where the Kiwi boys hung out at HPOD so they could show us some of there toy's. Thanks for your time boys.


On our way to APOD where the Blackhawks live there was a buzz off excitment sifting through the entertainment crew as we were soon to be soaring through gorges and valley's of East Timor for half an hour, I could feel my butt hole preparing itself. Thank you Fly Boys, It was amazing.




Once on land we got a few demonstrations from the fire crew and dog handlers. I realing don't know how you dudes do this day in day out in this heat. Within 15 minutes of putting my cloths on in the morning I was swiming in my own sweat soaked cloths. My hat goes off to each and every one of you champion people. You do a fantastic job for a good cause my friends. Cheers!




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