First day crusing on the pearl

I’m finally at sea on the Pacific Pearl after two very long days.

I was up at 4am yesterday morning to catch a plane to Sydney at 6.10.My head was not happy with me after having a few drinks with Trace before I left on Monday night, but we had heaps of fun as we always do.

After hanging around Sydney airport for 4 hours waiting for my connecting flight to Auckland I made my way to the land of the long black raining cloud. It was very cool seeing and being picked up by my Mum who I hadn’t seen for over a year, Mums driving and the crazy day put me in the right mood for a another beer which was kindly supplied by my Sister when we got to her place for dinner, and an excellent dinner it was. It was a great night catching up with my Bro his wife, Jacqui, Jim and Mum. After a great feed we got onto the wee and bowled the night away, would have been better if I won a few games.

The dudes drove me to the dock this morning were we had a top brunch at Mecca on Auckland harbour. I boarded the Pacific Pearl at 12.30pm and got settled in my cabin and had a cruise around the ship before we set sail at 4pm. Well that was the plan, repairs were being made while in port and we didn’t set sail till 9.30pm. So a couple of beers later we were leaving Auckland behind and heading for the Isle of Pines in the south pacific. As much as I miss my beautiful wife I do enjoy cruising, and by the look of the people on board we are in for a good show on Friday night, can’t wait.

I'm having trouble uploading photos at the moment, when it's possible i'll share them with you all.

Cheers, and goodnight.


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