Pacific Pearl Brief

This was the first time I had sailed on, or performed on the Pacific Pearl, I’d been looking forward to getting back on the ships for a little while and was a little excited (thanks Kel).

Picking up the Pearl in Auckland was a treat because I got to catch up with my family and had a sweet night hanging and chatting over a few drinks.


We were held up in Auckland due to some maintenance work being attended to the Ship. 4pm was our scheduled time of departure but we were off and on our way at 9.30pm, which was really nice as we all got to watch the Auckland lights come to life at sunset and sail out of the beautiful Auckland harbor under a full moon.

I, along with 2500 people started exploring the Pearl of the South Pacific, first things first... Bars!


Foods next... then the hunt happens, trying to find your cabin again for the first time after cruising the top deck and checking out the passengers. Navigating a fourteen story Ship when you are on the 4th floor can become quite a mission, and that’s before you have a few under your belt. I got into trouble last time because I’d had a little too much happy juice. I was so smashed and got so lost I wound up jumping on the back of an Indian porter, wacked him on the ass, and said, “Take me to my cabin”. I wouldn’t have got caught if he hadn’t taken me the long way.

The Pearl is great ship with some sweet spots to get away and hide from the bars to the private decks to the cool coffee shop; it’s a well fitted floating little town.


Staff on the Pearl, are as cool as hell, all out to have and provide an excellent time for everyone.


The late night Adults only comedy gig was a great success in the Dome, everyone was up for me cutting loose and having a mad time. I was a little nervous and excited before getting on that I didn’t even take any photos of the room or crowd, I’m back on the Pearl in 4 weeks so I’ll make sure I take them then.

Stoping off and checking out the Isle of Pines the day before I few home was a treat. The weather was perfect and the snorkelling was heaps of fun.


All in all folks it was a cool and successful trip...



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