I've been on the Ship 12 days now, and today is my last day, we dock in Hobart tonight and I fly back to the Gold Coast and my Beautiful Wife at 10:00am tomorrow.

The ships satellite dish has been broken for the past 7 days, so I have been unable to blog or catch up with facebook friends. So you are about to read one of the biggest blogs ever.

So grab yourself a coffee, some snacks and kick back and enjoy the antics and adventures I have been up to over the past 7 days.

Monday 28th February:

In the port of Noumea

Had a great day chilling

and hanging with John McDondald,

Scotland's International Accordion Entertainer

Tuesday 1st March:  Show Time; I’d been on the ship for 6 days, so I was hanging to get on stage. Show time wasn’t until 11.30pm so I spent most of the day resting and going over my set for the show.

I hooked up with Hayden later in the day and we had a belated birthday dinner in the waterfront restaurant.

The show was a sweet one with a packed house.



















Wednesday 2 March 2011:

We entered the Tasman Sea and continued on a south westerly heading towards the Pilot Station at Port Jackson for the Pearls arrival at Sydney the following morning.

The day was unreal and the water was magnificent,

I was still working off all the good food by walking up and down the stairs every day. I was on the 4th floor and the main restaurant was on the 12th floor to give you an idea of the walking I have done. I climbed up and down these stairs about 6 times a day.

I was invited to join Julie, Jess and Mary for lunch at the Salt Grill by Luke Mangan. The food was the best I’d ever tasted and the company was exceptional.


It was a fun day topped off by an awesome sunset and some wild shows and entertainment.


I headed to the orient bar at 9pm to catch Tim Vaughn’s intimate acoustic performance. This dude has the greatest voice.

At 10.30pm I headed down stairs to the Atrium were the Entertainment Department was gathering for an informal jam session, showcasing the Ships talented musicians & singers. This was a blast, and I was so glad I didn’t miss it.


Thursday 3 March 2011:    

Turnaround day for me, the Ship was back in Sydney. The guests disembarked and a new bunch got aboard. While this was happening I decided to get off and cruise around Sydney for a while. It was a great day with beautiful weather.

The view from the sky tower was superb.


Walking along the rocks I found this amazing little place called Greenhouse by Joost where I hung out and had a jar of coffee and a yum pizza. If you are ever in the rocks, give it a whirl, the food is excellent and the views are unreal.


Back on the Ship I hung out at the Oasis bar on the back deck and got ready to sail out of Sydney to head for the port of Melbourne. While chilling over a few beers I meet two great couples from America who had flown all the way over just to do this cruise. That's Allan, the assistant cruise director in his sail away island party pants.

We drank, laughed and watched Sydney roll past.


8.30pm we all gathered in The Atrium for a welcoming performance by Pacific Cirque. These performers were breath taking.


Friday 4th March 2011:

Show time 2 for me;


















Once again I chilled out most of the day and got ready for the show. At dinner I was seated with a couple of lovely young ladies, Katie and Claudia. We had a wonderful meal and conversation. They said they were coming to my show so I saved a couple of nice seats for them.

The Show was another 10/10; everyone including myself was having a fun time.
























I made Katie a balloon flower as part of my routine and the next day she thanked me with a hand drawn card.

Very funny, Thanks Girls, lovely meeting you both.


Saturday 5 March 2011:

Port of Melbourne, the day was a sunny one, it wasn’t even cold, well done Melbourne, Thanks.

I once again left the Ship and went cruising by myself to check out the sights and get a few more pics, as I like to do, if you haven’t guessed already.


One time while in Melbourne I remember some friends, Jacqui and Brenton (Stringfever) took my mate and I to a cool vegetarian restaurant, I wasn’t sure were, so I hunted it down and I’m glad to say I found it. It’s a must go place if you are ever in Melbourne, vegetarian or not. The food and price will blow you away.


Back on the Ship I caught one of the best shows I have ever seen on a cruise ship as we sailed away from the port of Melbourne.

Run Away to the Circus starring Fleur Taylor-Sutton and Nathen Scott with the Pacific Entertainers and featuring Pacific Cirque is absolutely amazing. The Staging, lighting, costuming, singing, acrobatics and acting are just brilliant. And the elephants stole the show.


Nice work Kat and her team of Entertainers and stage hands.

Sunday 6 March 2011:     

In the port of Burnie, Tasmania

After breakfast with Katie and Claudia, Katie and I got off to wonder around Burnie. We met the Mayor , Mayor Alvwyn Boyd and his Mrs first and took a bus to the makers workshop


As we were heading along the boardwalk to check out town, we got lucky enough to spot a couple of baby penguins sticking their heads out of there safe burrow.

Burnie was very small but the pioneer village museum was fun and we had a few laughs.

They had a surf carnival on which spun me out as it was bloody freezing, it’s what you are used to I suppose.

We had to check out the Fish Frenzy which said on the map “Arguably the best fish and chips in Australia”... Arguably... anything is arguably... Arguably I am a blonde meter maid from the gold coast who loves drunk dwarfs jumping on me... sure I’m going to lose that argument... but hey.

They were nice fish and chips though.

Back on board we hooked up with Claudia and went and herd Chad twinkle the ivories in the Mix Bar...

Nice work Chad... he looked after the ladies nicely.

Monday 7 March 2011:

Throughout the day today we were scenic cruising around Wineglass and Oyster bays.

We rounded Cape Sonnerat on her approach to Oyster Bay keeping approximately three nautical miles off the Tasmanian Coast. On exiting Wineglass Bay the Pacific Pearl will set Southerly then South-westerly courses towards her next port of call at Hobart later this evening.

everyone was taking pictures

I had a fun day taking pictures and hanging out with a great couple, Bob & Joy from Point Lonsdale, Victoria, who had alot of great local knowledge of the area.

Thanks Bob & Joy, it was fun...

Well that’s it folks... hope you are still awake.

There is supposed to be a cool Irish Bar in Hobart that all the Ship Entertainers are going to hang out in tonight. Could get messy, it’s my last night on the Ship before flying home tomorrow.

This trip has been a blast... Thanks to all the Staff and Crew for a wonderful time... and to all my new friends who may be reading this... and thanks to Kel and the Sitdown Comedy Club for the awesome Gig...

CHEERS!... Love, Light & Laughs always, Mike 


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