Another hard day at work - Q1 Skypoint Photo Shoot

Work today was at the Q1,

the tallest building on the Gold Coast. Myself and a group of other Dreamworld employees

were doing a photo shoot for the launch of the new look Sky Point observation deck.




It was a fantastic day, the weather was perfect



and the company was excellent.



Our day started at 9am and we clocked of at 5pm. There were certainly worse places to be spending a Monday.

Patrick and I decided to hang around for a few beers and a feed while watching the sun set over the Gold Coast.

It was a magic day topped off by a perfect full moon when I got home.

If you haven't been up to SkyPoint, make sure you check it out, it's a great place to chill out and watch the world go by.

Till my next adventure, see ya!



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