Perfect day on the Island of Lifou

I had a great afternoon chilling on Lifou Island...

Checked out a few of the local characters... this is called a coconut crab... it was a big sucker...

I think this one’s called Christmas Lunch...

Here’s an Overview of Lifou for those that may be interested:

Just to the east of New Caledonia’s largest island, Grande Terre, and separated from it by 100 kilometres of ocean, stretches the archipelago of coral atolls known as the Loyalty Islands.

These atolls, of which Lifou is the largest and administrative centre, for m the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, itself a French overseas territory.

I hired snorkel goggles and flippers...

And checked out the local marine life for an hour...

The weather was amazing and the water was perfect with about 20 metres visibility...

Thought I’d hang on the beach for an hour before heading back to the ship to knock the top off a corona and watch the sun set...

It’s tough out here, but somebody has to make these people laugh for a bit. Off to Vanuatu now, were I will disembark tomorrow in the Port of Villa and fly home... It’s been a nice cruise with 2 good shows under my belt.  22 days at home before I pick up the Pacific Jewel for 12 days.

Can’t wait to see and snuggle up to my Beautiful Wife.  


New Caledonia at a Glance:

SIZE: 19,103 square kilometres

POPULATION: 219,246 (2006 est)

LANGUAGE: French and Kanak Dialects

TYPE OF GOVERNMENT: French Overseas Territory and Local Government

CURRENCY: Pacific Franc (XPF)


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