Detour to Noumea

Sailing out of Sydney harbor was real nice but once we hit open water it chopped up a bit and got up to about 6 metre sweels over night. The sail away party saw a lot of people turning green and throwing up on different decks and hall ways, Nice. It was rough all wednesday and most of Thursday.

I've been keeping myself busy in the crew gym

They posponed my show Thursday night then put it back on again as the weather eased off around 5pm. There were about 250 at my 11pm show.

It was one of the best shows i've had on any ship, I got an encore and sold all my DVD's. The crowd were up for a good time as much as I was so I gave it to them.

Last night because of the word of mouth about the ship about my show i've been asked to do another one for all those who missed it due to being sick. I said, shit yeah, so i'll be back in the Marquee on Sunday night after Mystery Island and the deck party. Can't wait, it's going to huge.

Due to the rough weather and high seas we were going to slow to make the Isle of Pines this morning so we docked at Noumea instead.

The weather yesterday and today was fantasic, so I made the most of it and headed for lemon bay and got a bit of snorkling in.



There wasn't much to look at under the water but I had a sweet walk back to the ship for an hour and a half.

It's always nice the kick back on the back deck and say cheers to another day as the suns going down.

Tomorrow we are in Mystery Island. Can't wait to get my new camera under water there.

And then SHOW TIME! again!


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