Chilling at Home

I've been enjoying my time at home and chilling with the Sunshine on the Gold Coast since getting off the Pacific Jewel. 

Lunch at the Main Beach surf club was an awesome way to spend the afternoon with my mate Mark McConville.

I've been working heaps on a new array of Balloon sculptures... soon to be part of a new show... I'll keep you posted.

The Gigs have been going really well with heaps of support from friends and family...

Here are some good friends giving me the Comedy Salute last night at the Spring Field Tavern... Thanks for the support dudes!

It was young Daniel's, 18, in the brown shirt, first time to live stand up comedy. I've know him Brian and Eve for a couple of years now and he'd been hanging to see my show... Not sure he should have grown up that fast in one night, but he does have a big smile on his face now.

Thanks... Nig, Sue, Dave, Kay, Brian, Daniel and Eve... see ya again soon!


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