Quality time with Mum

The trip back to Sydney was very rough with a lot of people not coping with the 9 metre swells...

We were 6 hours late getting into Sydney which meant there was a far bit of chaos with people missing flights and transfers etc... Mum flew over from NZ Friday to meet myself and the Jewel... caught in the rain and cold we finally hooked up about 4pm to start our 8 day adventure together. With the weather still being rough out in the heads we stayed moored in Sydney harbour for the night which saw very little time for cruising on the 3 day food and wine cruise. Helped me out though because my show was on Friday night and it was a packed house with people out and about and not in their cabins feeling sick and sorry for themselves. The show was hit and the feedback once again was all good.

The food and wine experience aboard the Jewel was unreal, and Mum and I took full advantage of the tastings, mostly the alcohol but the last set menu on the Sunday night in the Waterfront restaurant was fantastic.

We did leave Sydney and sailed for 12 hours and set anchor in Jervis Bay Saturday night sailing back late Sunday evening arriving back in Sydney early Monday morning. I love sailing in and out of Sydney, it’s such a beautiful harbour.


Monday we disembarked the party cruises and took on a new lot. Sailing out was as good as ever, even better this time because we were leaving a large storm front over Sydney and heading for calm waters which was such a contrast from a few days earlier. Mum and I wasted no time sampling the beer and cocktail menu once again.

The entertainment on the ship was as per usual at its amazing high standard with everybody loving the experiences.

My 3rd and final show was on the second night out after a full sea day with the calmest of waters, the sun did not show its face but everybody was happy about the sea conditions. My show was to a packed house again with everybody enjoying every minute of my 52 on stage. DVD sales were through the roof which had me smiling for the rest of the cruise.


Mum and I had a great time catching up; we wined, dined, laughed and had a ball watching sunsets, sunrises and shows throughout the ship. We also had a blast meeting some very cool and interesting people.





Thursday saw us at Isle of Pines, still no sign of the sun but it wasn’t to cold, out of the water that is. I went for a snorkel and the water was freezing, so much for this being the tropics. My little fellas are still upset haven’t made an appearance since.


Mum and I finished the night of with an amazing eating experience at Le Luna, the ships Japanese restaurant.


Today we anchored at Mystery Island, still no sign of the sun, it was raining off and on all day in fact but we got off and made the most of it sharing a lobster, shopping at the little markets and snorkelling. The water wasn’t as cold as yesterday thank god, but the wait to pick up the tender back to the ship was freezing.

Something is very wrong with this next picture....


It’s our last night on board tonight so I’m going to take Mum to the salt grill for a nice goodbye meal. We fly home from Vanuatu tomorrow afternoon. My beautiful Wife is going to pick us up and I’ve got a gig in Brisbane at 9pm. It’s all go, but the trip and time with Mum has been a memorable one.  

Check out my photo album from the Trip CLICK HERE    


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