Adventure on the Pacific


This trip on the Pearl was excellent once again...

The entertainment was fun and out of control as per usual.. Willie the cruise director and his team did not hold back when it came to entertaining the passengers and making sure they had a good fun time...

Coming into Sydney was as grand as ever. I had a different veiw this time as I waited in the officers lounge just under the bridge for customs

Sydney was a little cool, but I decided to head to darling harbour to check out some sites


As it was a suspect day, cold and windy, I kicked back in the dome and enjoyed the sail away, heading up the coast to Willis Island.

The weather did clear up as we went up the coast and gave us some beautiful sunsets


One of the best things about cruising is all the fun and fantastic people you meet, the cruise may be for a short time but some of the freindships that are made will last forever




Port Douglas was a cool spot that i'm looking forward to checking out again some day, weather was fantastic


Getting off at Cairns I couldn't pass up this bargin on such a beautiful day...

I had a radio interview this morning for tonights show, can't wait, bring it on. It's already sold out... Let you know how it went later




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