Blue Sky Brewery - Cairns. BIG NIGHT

Wow! What a big day and night in Cairns, hanging out in sweet spots and meeting cool people.

Chilling in Cairns water front park and checking out there wild life was a nice way to relax and get ready for my gig

The gig at Blue Sky Brewery with Fiona McGary was an amazing one... 

I can't believe I didn't get a picture with Mel and her team who was putting on the SitDown Comedy night. She was so nice and made the room happen with her knowledge of stage production. Thanks Mel.

This is Mel and her man Jason... the following stage photos were all taken by Mel.


The Staff and Management of Blue Sky Brewery also topped off the night with there excellent service and great hospitality.

Hooking up and hanging with local celebrity movie and TV star Aaron Fa'aoso and his beautiful wife was a buzz, he is the coolest dude and friendliest bloke. We had great conversation and I look forward to seeing all his future work on screen.

Thanks Cairns and thanks Blue Sky Brewery for a memorable night...

Till next time... CHUR!





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