DAY 1. Stuck in Cairns Airport

I woke up at 5am to another perfect morning and Wife. After we said good morning with no words my beautiful wife made me breakfast and sent me on my way to coolangatta airport awake and with no tension (thanks babe), I caught an internation Jet Star flight to Cairns at 7.55. The flight was great with amazing views of the Great Barrier Reef as we came started our decent. I had to catch another connecting flight to Darwin, so I made my way to the domestic Terminal as you'd expect. I had two hours to spare and was unable to book in for another hour so I had a coffee and chilled out for a bit.

An hour later I went to check in only to be told my connecting flight was going to be leaving from the International Terminal, I think I lost a kilo running back to the International, I must have looked like a mad man running with turrets, swearing and cursing at my delema and stupidity.

Once there I was confronted with a chick who looked as though she had been sucking on lemons all morning,  Sally sour face had no trouble telling me my flight had boarded and there was no way I was going to be with them. Biting my Turret tounge I thanked her for her compassion and wished her a Merry Christmas. Gotta love Jet Star.

Dripping with sweat in the Cairns heat I once again made my way back to the domestic termianal and bought another flight with Qantas which cost me $250, Turret, Turret... At least I was going to be in Darwin tonight. Sure it wont be until 9.20pm and i'm going to miss a nice meal with all the other dudes but I get to enjoy the ambient surroundings of the Cairns airport for 6 hours, Yay.

Pumpkin salad a movie on my laptop and a few beers are in my future I feel.


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