DAY 2: Amazing experience begins

Sure, I say it's day 2 when you've clearly worked out by the date it's day 3. I did try and blog yesterday but due to my limited computer skills and lack of brain matter I was unable to log on with our specially coded pass word here on base. But hey, here we are.

(I'm going to take this opportunity now to apologise now for any spelling mistakes as letter's and numbers are not my strong point ok, Cheers)

With that said yesterday was unreal, only to be toped by today, but i'll get to that later. I made the plane yesterday with all the other dudes and dudette's, so I was off to a good start unlike Thursday. We flew from Darwin to Dilli in a 20 seater twin propelled charter plane. To say it was sweet would be an understatement as I got to hang out in the cockpit and chat to the pilots while taking in the sights of East Timor's coast line as we flew in. Not a done thing these days, so I was very stoked.




The food for such a small flight was also tops, thanks for the experience, the first of many to come over the next 4 days.

Once landed we all jumped in the back of some kick ass army trucks and headed to HPOD, our home for the next 4 days. The drive through Dili in the open sided truck was the first eye opener for the trip. Being a 3rd world country, there was a lot to take in. Makes you reflect a lot more on what you have than what you don't have. 

Every soldier we came into contact with were and are fantastic, the hospitality here is second to none. Our rooms are basic soldier accomodation with bunks, mossi nets and air conditioning. Did I say it had air conditioning... Chur... much needed as my boys were now swimming in my undies from the sweet waterfall cascading down the crack of my ass. Sorry for the graphic description but it's hot and true.

We got kitted up with our body armour and helmet which was to be taken during every outing. Kitted up I was ready for hard core battle, or to lick a few bus windows, you decide.

Once settled we headed to Phoenix for dinner to meet the hierarchy, the food and company once again were excellent. Everywhere we ventured we got the royal treatment and got shown the in's and out's of the base which was very enlightening and interesting.




















Sleep was not happening for me on the first night as my brain was still way to active as I hadn't drowned it in alcohol of the fisrt time in a while. I think I got about 45 minutes kip. But it was cool and comfortable.

Today was sureal!


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