DAY 3: It keeps getting better

What another great day, sleep or no sleep, this trip is the best experience i've had in a long time. I'm going to continue this blog tomorrow as I have to be up and about in 6 hours and I wouldn't mind closing my eyes for a while. I will add to this tomorrow, or should I say later today with some more top pics and info. But I just wanted to say the show was a hit for all concerned. We all had a sweet gig and everybody was in great spirits. The dudes on base were the perfect crowd and went off.

For the record ART vs SCIENCE rocked the house (hanger), if you have not heard of these wild boys, do yourself a favour and get on board, they are amazing and are headed for big things. I am a big fan now, love your work, couldn't help but dance. Cheers boys and good luck in the future.

Shit I must go, we are all flying in a blackhawk tomorrow (today). I think that's why I can't sleep, feels like Christmas day tomorrow. Plus our 2nd show at APOD.

Hook up soon. Chur!


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