DAY 3: continued

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here is my sweet novel from day 3 in East Timor. Enjoy!

By the way it is Sunday now 12.26am (really monday, but hey, I haven't been to bed yet so still calling it Sunday, ok, Chur) our last day.

Man what a day it was, we all had a half hour flight in a blackhawk helicopter today out at APOD (Thanks boys, I can now tick another dream off) along with some other real cool stuff, but being as I have to be up at 4.30am to hand our kit back so we can leave at 5.30 to make our way back to Australia I will hook you up with today's pic's later on today at one of my various airport stops. Dili to Darwin, Darwin to Sydney, Sydney to the Gold Coast, home to by Beautiful Wife.

By the time I have a shower and sort some of my gear out I should be able to close my eyes for 3 hours. See Ya!




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